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Mémoires de fin d'études - 2019 - 2020

Politiques européennes et gouvernance - Etudes trilingues Construction européenne et études globales Études Méditerranéennes Diplôme sur la transition et la gouvernance énergétique globale GEGPA

 DHEEI - Politiques européennes et gouvernance - Études trilingues
 ACHIBA Maryam  Quels sont les avantages de l’engagement européen dans le cadre des énergies renouvelables au Maroc pour lutter contre le changement climatique ?  
 CIOBANU Marcela  EU-Russia relations in the shared neighbourhood: a constructivist perspective  
 DECOCQ Jacques  How to understand EU disintegration? An analysis of the EU disintegration theories and the influence of Euroscepticism, assessed by two UK newspaper articles on the 31st of January 2020  
 ELMIGER Silja Melinda  From Saint-Malo to Brexit: a political discourse analysis of British French security and defence cooperation
 HAMILIUS Noémie  Resisting Intervention: The Social Movement in Hong Kong  
 HANKO Verena  Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen – ein soziales Modell für Europa?
 KUHLMANN Josephine  Strengths and weaknesses of Latin America's regional trade agreements: a comparative study of Mercosur and the pacific alliance  
 KUSKE Sophia Katharina  China and the United States in World Power Order: Is China the leading Power in the upcoming World Order? A comparison between The United States of America and the People’s Republic of China based on three Dimensions of Power  
 LACERTE Mégane  Les territoires glacés convoités : une étude de la gestion territoriale et maritime de l’Arctique et de l’Antarctique  
 LOHSE Julia Miriam  The Final Frontier - The Role of the European Union in the Security of Outer Space
 MOSER Fabienne Viktoria  The Role of International Mediators in the Havana Peace Process (2011-2016)
 UNTERLERCHNER Lisa  United against: how the 2015 migration crisis influenced the integration of the European union’s external migration policies

 DHEEI - Construction européenne et études globales
 AL SALTI Fadi  Short-term risks of artificial intelligence and automation: future policies and EU perspective  
 AMODAY Tal  USA Foreign Policy Towards Israel  
 BAJRAMI Alban  Decentralization in Kosovo – comparison with the autonomous province of south Tyrol
 BATEMAN Maïlys  Inclusivity of European Union Citizens with Disabilities  
 CRUSOE Angelique  Political and economic influence of china in sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea  
 DAMBATTA Kulthum Bello  Analysing Radicalism through the Social Media nteractions of Transnational Far Right and Islamist Movements in Western Europe and Contextualising the Movements’ Relationship with Mainstream Media Political Discourse
 DI BETTA Louise  European union pandemic management  
 DOHERTY Chloe  Multidimensional factors in conflict resolution: a case study of Northern Ireland and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement  
 DUKA Bjorka  Brexit’s Impact on Trade in Services with the EU  
 ENGIBARYAN Nina  Old and New Minorities in Europe: Challenges, Protection and Integration  
 ESTEBAN ZUBIZARRETA Ignacio  Conflict resolution in Africa: an analysis of western and traditional strategies  
 HOFFMEISTER Lena  Assessing the European union’s approach to resilience -building among Syrian refugees in the middle east. A comparative analysis of literature, the EU approach and implemented projects  
 HOSTENS Anaïs   The way towards implementing the SDGS in the European union  
 INHOFE Gabrielle Audrey  The relationship between Israeli militarization, Palestinian masculine and collectivist culture, and gender-based violence against Palestinian women
 INVERNIZZI Lorenzo  Economic cost of Italian mafias and response at EU level
 JONES William  Intergovernmental Cooperation and Universal Healthcare in Sierra Leone: Can intergovernmental cooperation solve the healthcare fragmentation seen in Sierra Leone following the Ebola Crisis of 2014/15?
 KEYES Lorraine  China and the EU in the Context of Attaining a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment  
 LACHÉN DEL VAL Iguázel  The European Union's role in the fight against climate change: internal policies, international diplomacy and external action in Africa  
 LILLIS Cornelia  United in Adversity? An Analysis of the Impact of Brexit on the ‘Irish Question’  
 MATALLANA SILVA Laura Viviana     
 MNATSAKANYAN Astghik  The features of Armenia's foreign policy in terms of small states’ concept and theory of regional security complexes
 ORTEGA LUQUIN Maria Fernanda  Venezuela as a Failed Federation. “How Chavez’s Presidency took Venezuela out of the Federalism Path”  
 SINGH Cara   The Blue Card: (Europe as a destination for the next generation of Highly Skilled/Qualified Workers)  
 SOMMIER Margaux  The effects of Brexit on European identity: ‘Euroscepticism’ or ‘Europhilism’? A case study of France  
 SPENCE Nya Simone  Dismantling the American carceral state: mass incarceration, penal reform, and the applicability of German and Dutch prison methodologies  
 ŠUŠTERŠIC Tine  Political Culture as a Factor for the Consociational Democracy  
 TANCA Kansu Ekin  Rights-based Approach to Children’s Digital Literacy: The Case of Finland  
 VANBESIEN Bo  Security nexus and European values in the ENP: quid pro quo? The case of Georgia  
 VAN DEN BROECK Flo  EU in the Sahel: whose crisis? A research on the EU’s foreign policy in Mali and Niger  
 ZERAJ Egla  The UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia as a Successful Case Study  

 DHEEI - Études Méditerranéennes
 AKINLOYE Idriss   Le rôle de la zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (ZLECAF) dans le développement socioéconomique de l'Afrique  
 ALIMADHI Gerta  The merits of the decentralization process towards the consolidation of democracy in Albania, and the EU support  
 CHIVERS Aidan  Tunisian Jews, Jewish Tunisians: The challenges of the country's oldest religious minority  
 DAVID-HENRIET Manon  L'apport de la révolution aux droits LGBTQI++ en Tunisie  
 GARTITE Assmae  The impact of globalization on new type of conflicts: The case of US-Iranian cyber attacks   
 GASCON HIGUERA Laura  The feminization of migration flows. Migrant Women in the Spanish Southern Border: The Case of Ceuta Melilla  
 HAIKAL Gwenda  Street children in Beirut: Situation assessment and viable answers  
 MAKNI Jannet  Les quartiers informels en Tunisie : entre marginalisation et opérations de réhabilitation  
 SCHOUTEN Reinier   The effects of climate change on small-scale farmers in the agriculture sector in Tunisia  
 VALETTE Valentin  Impact de la révolution sur l'engagement culturel et artistique des jeunes tunisiens. Libération de la créativité  
 YACE Marie-Solenne  L’égalité en droit successoral tunisien : Pour approche socio-politique de la controverse  

 Diplôme des hautes études sur la transition et la gouvernance énergétique globale
 ARIBOU Ayman  Rethinking energy programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Energy emancipation  
 BOISSIERE Iris-Laure  Hydrogen in France  
 CHARRO Daniel   Energy transition in oil driven economies: the case study of Ecuador to evaluate potential strategies through the world energy trilemma index  
 CHEN Wanze   China and OBOR as Part of a New Global Energy Strategy  
 CURINAO Sebastian   Energy 2050: an assessment of the Chilean energy policy  
 DEMIRSOZ Tugçe  The natural gas’ effect on Cyprus’ balancing powers: a way forward  
 FRANCO Giacomo  The governance of nuclear phase-out in Europe. Italy, Germany and France: a comparison
 GALLERAND Axelle  Transport poverty: from finding definitions and representation to local actions in European cities  
 KARATAS Mirkelam Ensar   Modelling Energy Access in Africa  
 KEDAR Karn   Evaluation of India’s policy options on the Chinese impact on the Indian solar market in the period of 2019-2024  
 OUNI Mohamed   The blockchain from the energy perspective  
 PASSARO Fabio  Lobbying in Brussels. Recent trends and changes within the energy sector  
 SOLHEIM Alexsandra  The politics and economics of American-European Energy Relations. A case study of Iberdrola   

  Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs
 ALONZEAU Marcella  The Future of Human Rights After the United States Withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council- United States vs. China  
 BAIMA Stephanie  Tracing Climate Change Denial in the United States and Looking for Impacts on the United States’ Science Diplomacy
 BEAUCHEMIN Noelle  Corporate Responsibility: How do companies behave in periods of Emergency? A look at the Chilean private sector response in 2017 wildfires  
 BENAIM Elena  The Transatlantic Energy Security Relations in the 21st Century: Convergence and Divergence in the Era of the Energy Transition and the Climate Change Challenge  
 BROOKES Roleece  The CARICOM Conference of Heads of Government: Past, Present and Future
 BROWNELL Francine  Economic Freedom and Sociopolitical Development: Global and national Perspectives  
 DE HEK Koen  Knowledge is Power: Policy Expertise, Lobbying and the European Union’s Emissions Trading System  
 FAMIGLI Giacomo  Judges and People: Guardians of Democracy  
 GARCIA Virginia  Cybersecurity: Liability and Insurance for the Internet of Things
 GASHI Anil  The Role of Civil Society in Kosovo in the Creation and Strenthening of Democracy
 HAROON Zaid  Is Pakistan Trudging Towards Becoming a Failed State?  
 KUCUKOSMAN Beliz  Energy Discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean: impact of the Cyprus Issue and Relevance for the EU Energy Security
 MONACO Maddalena  The Possible Effects of the European Just Transition Mechanism on Energy Affordability: the case of Italy, the Netherlands and Poland  
 MULREAN Celine  Women in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Gendered Perspective on Digitalization in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa
 NGUYEN Thuan  The Relationship Between Smart Cities and Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Housing. A Comparative Case Study of Singapore and Berlin  
 PIZZIRANI Giorgio  The Development dimension of EU Foreign Policy: what role for the European Neighborhood Policy in fostering SDGs in Ukraine  
 RIZZO Catherine  Should the "Rule of Law" Prevail in the Fight against Terrorism? A Look into the Western Precedent that Recurrently Evades the International Legal Order
 SOLBERG Isabella  The Inuit Population Across National Borders: Policy and Governance at the Crossroad of Tradition and Modernity
 WANG XinYu  E-Governance at the Crossroads of Democratization: A Chinese-Estonian Comparative Analysis