2017 - 2018
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2017 - 2018

Études trilingues Construction européenne et études globales Études Méditerranéennes Diplôme sur la gouvernance énergétique

Sujets de Mémoire

 Études trilingues - 2016-2018
 Kharis ADIRAHSETIO  Rise of populism in Indonesia: Oligarchs versus Oligarchs   
 Carla FANINI  Croissance économique et l'évolution des inégalités de genre  Application dans l’accès à l’éducation en Inde et en Chine  
 Victoria FERNANDEZ  A Drug Crisis Foretold: Traffic of heroin in East Africa  
 Désirée GANDRÉ  Reintegration of formerly abducted children as a peacebuilding process in war-torn societies such as Northern Uganda  
 Karim Bilel GHARSALLAOUI  Evaluation de l’ implémentation de la responsabilité de protéger et l’étude de son impact : Le cas de la Libye (2011-2018)  
 Harshada GUPTE  Interculturality: a tool in negotiation?  
 Alexander HEUSCH  L’accomptabilité du Parlement européen à l’égard de ses citoyens dans l’exécution du budget : l’Administration parlementaire dans la dynamique européenne  
 Nicola HOOCHHAUSEN  The China Pakistan Economic Corridor - An analysis of its geopolitical impacts in the light of a changing world order  
 Puck LE ROY  Only With a Credible Enlargement Perspective:European Union Actorness in the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue  
 Daniel MAY  Who's got the last word?“An analysis of the East African Community's driving forces  
 Manuel MULLER  La gouvernance du cyberespace : analyse comparative des approches européenne et américaine en matière de cybersécurité  
 Marie OFFERMANNS  Populism in the French 2017 presidential elections: An assessment of Macron’s and Le Pen’s communication style  
 Olga Sherazade PITTON  Protéger le patrimoine culturel et artistique pour sauvegarder l'histoire de la civilisation de l'humanité  
 Maria Luisa RICCI  How can local tradition coexist with globalized ecoomy? The representative case of Italian geographical indications  
 Laura Maria SCHMIDT  Studying internal decision-making in the Juncker Commission. A case study of the proposals on the revised Renewable Energy Directive and the Governance Regulation of the Energy Union  
 Jekion SHIN SEGOVIA  Die Bedeutung sozialer Gerechtigkeit am Fallbeispiel der Republik Peru  
 Moritz TAYLOR  The impact of the European Union on child welfare in Romania. Exploring Deinstititutionalisation  
 Marlène WEISS  Entre réalisme et néocolonialisme, vers la disparition de la Françafrique ?  

 Construction européenne et études globales - 2017-2018
 AITKEN Fiona  Lessons Learnt from the Ebola Crisis: The Role of Global Health Governance and its Effectiveness at Responding to Health Crises  
 ANDERSON Jeffery   The European dream after Rifkin  
 BRAIMAH Muizatu Edem   Civil Conflicts And Their Impacts on Development In The South Sudan Case  
 BRUIJNZEELS Jesse   DOES EUROPE NEED A COMMON ENEMY? A quantitative research thesis on the relation between threat perceptions and European identity in the Netherlands
 CHERENKOVA Veronika   The Evolution and Implementation of Internet Policy in Turkey between 2012-2017 in Light of Its Member State Status in the Council of Europe  
 GALSTYAN Mariam  Nagorno – Karabakh Conflict and Russia’s role on its settlement  
 GÓMEZ-SÁNCHEZ Tamara   Social Integration of Syrian’ Refugees: Case study Germany  
 GVILIA Nino  Media and Foreign Policy - Media’s influence on Humanitarian Interventions  
 HASHEELA Michael  Foreign Policy and the Past: The Case of the 1904 - 1908 Genocide between Namibia and Germany  
 HEISE Kyle  A State of Control  
 HERNÁNDEZ DE VICENTE Luis  Canary Islands - Relations with Spain and the EU  
 HOLLEVOET Toon  The link between rising inequality and Political Polarization in the United States  
 MALENJI Kasweka  The Question of Humanitarian Aid: The role of the European Union in the Darfur Crisis  
 MBURU Michelle Njoki  Water Supply Management in Kenya: Lessons from the European Union  
 PEÊRS Eric  The changing nature of populist narratives. The case of 21st century Dutch populism  
 PLACINTA Daniela  The Impact of the Transnistrian Conflict on the Republic of Moldova’s Integration Process in the EU  
 RHODES Daniel Christopher  Silver and Lead - A Void in Democratic Controls over the Private Military Industry: Manufacturing Accountability for Private Military Firms  
 TOMAS Jasmin  Integration of Roma Ethnic Minorities: Success and Limitations Within Europe and Regional Communities in Spain  
 VALERO Loris  The Single digital market as a geopolitical response of the European Union in the Freedom Versus Security debate on digital  
 YANG Yifei  China and Europe in International politics – partners or rivals?  
  ZAGORŠEK Enja  Environmental Refugees: the gap in the international protection of refugees and policy recommendations for future actions  

 Études Méditerranéennes - 2017-2018
 ADLANE Yousra  L'expertise scientifique au service de l'environnement : cas du régime climatique et du GIEC  
 ALHADDADEH Hadeel   The Belt & Road Initiative: Interpreting China’s Approach in the Context of Middle East Conflict  
 AMEL Feraidoon   The evolution of development thinking in Afghanistan: Genesis, development, and Prospects  
 CAIRASCHI Lionel  Agriculture biologique. La transition est elle possible ?  
 CARLBERG Jenny  Libyan realities in Tunis - here but no further? A qualitative study on Young Libyans ability to create social capital in Tunisia.  
 FARINELLA Margherita  EU-Tunisia relations and environmental cooperation: the road towards a project-based approach and decentralization  
 GARRAUD Hélène  La gestion des déchets ménagers et assimilés en Tunisie  
 HASSAN Nadine  The impact of social capital and democracy on forming alliances. Egypt as a Case Study  
 LIAY Leo Carlo  The refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: A comparative study on the accessibility to housing services of refugees in Rome and Istanbul  
 MAHI Ayoub  Morocco’s renewable energy goals. A potential infrastructural example for Tunisia  
 MELLOUKI Hechmi  L’analyse de l’exercice de la liberté dans les différentes sphères sociales en Tunisie : la famille, l’entreprise et l’espace publique  
 PLOEGSTRA Daphne  The Impact of Third Country Deals on the International Protection of Migrants An assessment of EU cooperation with Turkey and Libya  
 RAETS Kiani  Made in Havana: Colombia's road map from war to peace  
 SEMANE Hanane  Iran- Arabie Saoudite : Deux the´ocraties se disputent le Moyen-Orient. La Syrie comme terrain de bellige´rance  
 TAHAR AMAR Assia  L’application de la résolution 1325 en Tunisie  
 VERCOUTERE Maïva  Migration forcée des Rohingyas en Birmanie : la situation instable d’un conflit qui a dépassé les frontières nationales  
 VOLNÁ Mária  Environmentally responsible management of the livestock sector for the 21st century  

 Diplôme sur la Gouvernance énergétique - 2017-2018
 Alam ATM, Shariful  Private investment for the sustainable energy transition in Bangladesh  
 Batrack Baptista, Lara   Privatisation of the electricity state owned entreprises: the case of Eletrobras  
 Desfosses, David   Jumping into the Future:The Transition Towards a Decentralised Energy System in Australia
 Horvais, Séverin    The Transforming process of the Burkinabe State through electrification: new public-private and international partnerships  
 Kamati, Lucia   Improving SADC’s energy access: challenges vs prospects  
 Khaddaj, Alaa    Energy is a tool of peace or a weapon of conflicts ? New hegemony on the East Mediterranean Sea empowered by new energy resources!  
 Markus, Asteria   Energy poverty in Namibia: challenges for a better coordinated policy Digitalisation and smart cities  
 Mauro, Giorgio    Smart cities in the EU  
 Nair, Nadiya  Energy Storage Policies and its Transformational Role in EU’s Energy Paradigm Shift
 Noparast, Nikta   Challenges and opportunities to introduce an « Energiewende » in Iran  
 Popisteanu, Mihaela    The legal gaps in implementing EU environmental law in the Romanian energy sector. A case study on air quality   
 Rasolonjatoarivony, Diana  The failure of Madagascar’s electricity sector  
 Regatte, Rahul Reddy  Why US shale boom is unsustainable in long term?    
 Sheikh Samani, Amir  Iran’s renewable energies : a market for foreign investor?  
 Venugopal, Varun    Climate talks in the shipping industry. A stakeholder mapping in deep waters