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2015 - 2016

Mémoires 2015 - 2016

Filière Trilingue
AHMED EL–BADRY SADEK Sherin EU Foreign Policy towards the Southern Mediterranean - the case of Egypt during the Arab Spring
BECKENKAMP Nicolas Samuel Die legitimation der Troika  
BHARDWAJ Ila Does IT Outsourcing trends in Central and Eastern Europe with India contribute to their economic relations ?  
BIEHL Désirée Remembering “One Man’s Terrorist, the other Man’s Freedom Fighter” in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland  
BUZMANIUK StefanieTatjana Multilingualism in the European Union: an attempt to unify a linguistically diverse Europe  
DE GROOT Laetitia Terrorism as political communication - A Case study of the Islamic State  
EDMERY Nicolas Alain Yves L’économie européenne après 2004, la première phase du cinquième élargissement a-telle été facteur de progrès ou de recul économique pour l’Union européenne ?  
GERGER Melis Mine Inwieweit kann von einer Annäherung zwischen Türken und Kurden und somit von einer politischen Lösung der türkischen Kurdenpolitik gesprochen werden?  
GUDZEVIC Alja Between the Great Depression and the Great Recession: similarities and divergences between Germany, France and UK in 1929 and Greece in 2008  
IBRAGIMOVA Lobarkhon Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational Corporations  
JUDAS DA SILVA Bernardino Manuel Die Europaïsche Union im Selbst findung prozess : die Ausformung einer europäishen Identität  
KEBUDE Dilan L’évolution des échanges économiques franco-allemands depuis la réunification de l’Allemagne  
KLUTKE Aimée Felicitas L’impact des relations russo-ukrainiennes sur la stratégie européenne de la sécurité énergétique
LAURINO Gianfiore Problems and tendencies of the Italian fiscal federalism in the history and nowadays  
LONQUEU TIMMERMANS Angela Marieke French and EU conflict management policies in Africa. The Northern Mali conflict (2012 - 2015) and the Central African Republic civil war (2013 – ongoing) as case studies  
SCHABERGER Christina Rechtspopulismus in Deutschland und den Niederlanden, Eine vergleichende Analyse zu Entwicklungen in beiden Ländern  
SCHNEIDER Katharina La préservation des droits des Länder par l’incorporation de l’Allemagne dans l’Union européenne  
STÜRMER Kathrin Barbara European Union Crises – Refugees and Coordination  
SUTER Sandrine Hélène Deux pays voisins à la croisée des chemins : la Norvège et la Suède face au choix européen  
TAJTI Miklós Dávid Beyond the national concepts: V4 as a regional security and defense cooperation?  
TOUMONZONI Sima Sylvie L’impact de la corruption sur le développement humain de l’Afrique subsaharienne  
VAN VYVE Lukas Complexity Thinking and Climate Change  

Filière Anglophone
ANDREAS Rakkel The Influence of German Political Identity on its Foreign policy. An Analysis on the ‘Special’ case of Namibia  
ANNS Lucy An Analysis of Faith-Based and Secular Diplomacy Approaches to Conflict Resolution in Kashmir  
BAJRAKTARI Fjolla A European Perspective to Western Balkans: Analysis of European Policies toward Western Balkans with a specific case on Kosovo (1990-2016)  
BECKLES Luke Water supply in Palestinian Territories  
BERG Sissy The impact of the European Union and its Common Agricultural Policy on poverty in African countries  
BLUSEVICIUTE Migle Kotryna The Contemporary Challenges to Security in Eastern Europe: Reasons of Instability and Perspectives for a New Security Architecture  
BOLLAND Calum The Structural Foundations of the Transnational Public Sphere? Critical Reflections on Habermas, National Identity and Transnational Publics
DAVITADZE Tamar Accession to the WTO and economic development. The case of Georgia  
DJEKIC Jelena Soft power of Chinese diplomacy in Africa and Latin America  
DORLEY Fonigil Momolu US-Liberia “Traditional” Relations in an Emerging New World Order. Analysis of America’s Role in Liberia  
DUPUIS Aurore 2014 Tobacco Products Directive: Health Lobby Tactics  
GJOKA Donjet The Berlin Process for the Western Balkans: how does it affect the Western Balkan Countries in their way towards EU membership  
GKOGKA Valentina Is Germany the leading power in the EU?  
GRIGORYAN Elen Eurovision song Contest as a Stage for Performing Identities, Nationalism and Politics  
KAVELASHVILI Tamari Could the EU Become or Act as a Global Security Actor?  
KOZIN Daniil Sergeevich An Analysis of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution Coverage in the Russian press  
MAMMADOVA Nurana How to end a War? A case study on Ukraine-Russia conflict: from the very start to the possible end  
NDZANA NDZANA Jean Yves The contribution of Third Actors in the Diplomatic resolution of the Iranian Nuclear Crisis (2006-2015)  
NGUYEN Hoai Tram Human Security – A Comprehensive Security Opportunity for the European Union’s External Policy: Case Study of Iraq  
PEREIRA Pedro Democracy Promotion by the European Union in the light of the experiences and approaches of the US. The European Endowment of Democracy as a Case Study  
PIZZURRO Serena Energy Security, energy transition and promotion of renewables in the Baltic States under the supervision of the European Union – Reduction of energy dependence in the Baltics  
POTENZA Marta Proposals for real changes: multidimensional, inclusive measurements and integrate bottom-up approaches. From a comparative analyses on the current situation of urban poverty in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile to policy advising  
RASMUSSEN Mikkel The Arctic: A Game of Russian Roulette?  
SANGKUHL Anders A Transitional Flow Matrix Analysis of the Spanish and UK Labour Market – A Dynamic look at Europe’s two Speed Economy
SASTRE Mélina The French Legislation regarding counterterrorism between efficient protection of the French territory and respect of fundamental rights  
STALLAERTS Anouk A Work in progress: the Post-2015 Agenda of the United Nations. A Critical Assessment of the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and Policy Recommendations for the Sustainable Development Goals  
WALRAED Delfien What are the trends and dominant drivers of Euroscepticism in the UK, Germany and the European Union over the last decade?
YU Yau Hing Facilitation of linkage of EU-ETS and China-ETS in responding to climate change issues

Filière méditerranéenne - 2015-2016
AARAB Safaa Violence d’Etat : Anatomie du régime Al-Asad  
BELHAJ SALAH Omar Integration and Muslim identity formation in Germany  
BRAGATO Matthieu Étude comparative des ascensions du Front-National et de la Ligue du Nord  
DAHMANI Sarah La guerre économique contre le terrorisme : analyse de l’impact et réponse par l’Économie  
FONGANG YANKENG Sandra La problématique de l’aide au développement : du rejet communautaire à la ratification singulière des Accords de Partenariat Economique Union européenne - ACP. Application au Cameroun  
FRANZKOWIAK Sebastian The Turkish game in Syria – a policy of zero friends in the neighborhood? An analysis of AKP foreign policy towards Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011  
MALONGTE NDOMBI Alice La stratégie forestière de l'Union européenne  
MURPHY Peter The Impact of Germany’s Energy Transition
TÓTH Veronika Protecting the Environment during Armed Conflict in the Mediterranean: The 1990–1991 Gulf War, the 2006 Lebanon War, and the Syrian Civil War  
VAN ZYL Isel Islamic Fundamentalism to Jihadism: An Analysis of Boko Haram, using Borum’s Four-stage Model of Ideological Development  
VELASQUEZ Julian United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Ideology, Hegemony, and Grand Strategy under the Presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama
WRIGHT Christine The Enemy Within: An Examination of the Effects of Islamophobia on the Integration of Muslims in France