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Mémoires 2014 - 2015

Filière Trilingue
AL-BITAR, Farah Democratic Reform in the Case of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: A Path of a Modern Democratic Transition in a Muslim and a Constitutional Monarchy  
ALBRECHT RODRIGUEZ, Nicole Human Trafficking and Prostitution in the EU: Policy Impact in a Seemingly Endless Crime (Focus on Germany)  
BUEKENHOUT, Florian Harmful Tax Competition in the EU: An Inquiry in Direct Tax Harmonization Schemes  
CACCIUTOLO, Maxime Les relations internationales entre le Saint-Siège et les pays du Proche-Orient depuis le second concile du Vatican. Etude d’une politique étrangère originale à l’épreuve du dialogue interreligieux  
GOCHEVA, Petya-Gergana EU horizontal policy integration in terms of sustainable development. Is the approach of the new European Commission coherent?  
GONZALEZ, Bernardo Evolution of the USUNSC Relationship:  Comparison between the Clinton and W. Bush Administrations  
GONZÀLEZ VIDAL, Rosario Du rapport imparfait entre croissance économique et développement humain  
HAABY, Adeline Le lobby agroalimentaire au sein de l’Union européenne
ILJASHEVA, Anita The international promotion of democracy - ( Western Balkans - promotion and implementation) - Comparing Macedonian and Serbian Democracy  
KESHISHIAN, Dinah Transformation im Iran. Das Ausmaß der Geschlechterdiskriminierung als Hindernis  
MASCRÉ, Aline Comment la Responsabilité de protéger a-t-elle été développée, appliquée et débattue ?
MATSINGANG, Sylvie-Babette  La théorie du Consociationalisme : analyse cas du Cameroun  
MPEI A FIKONG, Harrel Kevin La Protection des droits civils et politiques de l’individu par le droit international régional : comparaison entre Europe et Afrique  
NEUBAUER, Svenja Lena Die Rolle von Nichtregierungsorganisationen in der russischen Zivilgesellschaft  
RADU, Gabriela Good Governance during Crisis or a Good Crisis for Good Governance? Study of Political Dynamics Triggered By the Economic Crisis in US and EU  
ROMBAUT, Irène 1997 – 2015 : 18 ans de dévolution Le bilan d’un Royaume en voie de (dés)unification  
RUMP, Mareike Democratization and Autocratization- A Case Study of Turkey since the Accession to Power of the AKP and Erdogan in 2003  
SLOOTMANS, Filip The International Criminal Court in Africa: Analysis of the cases of the ICC in Uganda, Sudan and Kenya
TEPELIJA, Arnisa The changing role of the triangle EU- CoE – OSCE in the field of the Rule of Law in countries preparing for EU accession. The case of Albania
VALERO, Maïa PME et financements européens : le cas de Sophia-Antipolis  
WEBER, Jelena German-American relationship under Obama and Merkel - Allies and Aliens  
Filière Anglophone
ASLANLI, Kenan Driving forces behind economic transformation and “middle-income trap” risk in the Malaysian economy
ASSMANN-GRAMBERG, Anke Kristina Reconceptualising Minority Rights in the EU. Theorising a group-differentiated model of integration  
BABIC, Ana Deeper fiscal integration as a result of the European sovereign debt crisis? Analyzing fiscal implications of economic measures taken within the EU’s institutional framework during the crisis
BAMPALOUKA, Charikleia The impact the Euro-Turkish relations have on Greek-Turkish relations. A conflict of interest that endeavors to reconcile a rivalry provoked by Greece’s veto against Turkey’s accession in the European Union  
BOTAN, Diana Moldova at the croassroad between Russia and European Union Reanimation of Transnistria Conflict in the context of Ukrainian crisis?  
DASDEMIR, Tulay Syrian Refugee Crisis: Two Regional Actor Response - Comparison: Jordan and Turkey  
DE GRAEVE, Floriane EU’s approach toward gender equality in the labour market Analyses of criticism and case study comparison of Sweden and Spain  
DIMITROV, Isabel From Brain Drain to Brain Gain? A Comparative Analysis of the Renewed Debate and Implications for the Future of Skilled Migration Policies  
DJIKI El, Gibbor RWANDAN WOMEN AND THE GENOCIDE: Women guarantor of peace and stability in Rwanda?  
DREISÖRNER, Marlene Sophia New EU Member States and Their Implementation of the Equal Pay Directive. Gender stereotypes and their impact on implementation outcomes with a case study of Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia.  
GLIESING, Christoph ISIS the most successful terrorist organization. How did the power shift from the Sunni to the Shiite Arabs in Iraq support the rise of ISIS?  
HAJDINI, Bora Why Greece is still in crisis? The role of the international community and imposed austerity measures in Greece  
HASAJ, Blerina Human rights criteria Of Albania's ambition to become a member of to became a member of European Union  
HUISMAN, Ysbrand Jacobus The Effectiveness of Foreign Lobbying on the Allocation of United States Foreign Aid: Case Studies of Liberia and Ethiopia
KANIŠÁKOVÁ, Diana School Choice in Sweden: Effects on Segregation and Student Performance  
KASRADZE, Vakhtang EU Tackles Abkhazia and Karabakh. The Role of the EU in Managing Frozen Conflicts in its Eastern Neighborhood  
KIPPEN, Alexandra Sophie The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the United Nations: a relationship haunted by the past?  
KORSHAK, Olga Integration of immigrants in the United Kingdom. Diversity, challenges, Britishness  
KUZINA, Ekaterina New Horizons for the EU Public Diplomacy. EU Public Diplomacy in Conflict Resolution  
MAZURAT, Sigrith The European Union's Commitment to Fundamental Rights. From Rhetoric to Reality
MARTINS, Monisha Shadow warriors & fleeting peace. The impact of private military and security contractors on state-building  
MIRÓ EZQUERRA, Ginesta From Nationalism to Statehood. Events, causes and reasons of the new secessionist movement in Catalonia  
MITEA, Anamaria-Florentina The extent to which European community regional policy was successful in promoting regional convergence, a case study of Italy and the United Kingdom.  
PYTLYK, Michael A step from Love to Hatred: Euroscepticism in Central-Eastern Europe A comparative analysis of Eurosceptic tendencies in Hungary and Poland  
RÖHRS, Flavia How to Empower the Powerless? The Work and Influence of Local and Transnational Advocacy Networks - A Case Study of Advocacy Networks to End Violence Against Women in India  
VOGEL, Lukas Does the EU need to more strongly integrate its development cooperation policy? A study on the coherence of national and supra-national development cooperation policies within the EU
VOŠINEK, Sara What can TTIP learn from ACTA? Lobbying regulations in the EU and the impact of civil society lobbies on EU decision-making processes
VOSSEN, Jessie Anna Regina The needs and challenges for Dutch SMEs: How to reach their growth potential?  
YILDIZ, Naim Cybercrime in the Globalized 21st Century: Sources, Typology and Impacts in Cyberspace. Is there a way to make cyberspace safe from cyber criminals?  
ZAKARIADZE, Shorena Political Approximation of Georgia and Moldova to European Union  
ZHOU, Zheng China’s Electric Energy Transition and International Strategies - The Case of Thermal Electric Power Cooperation with Turkey