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Mémoires 2010 - 2011 - Filière trilingue - Filière anglophone

Filière Trilingue
BITTMANN Theresa MENTORING FOR MIGRANTS - Labour Market Integration of Migrants in Austria: An example of a significant and effective Integration Model? pdf
BOGOTT Nicole Cosmopolitan Democracy - A Prospective for UN Reform  
BUNESCU Luisa The allegation of social dumping - A case study on Romania pdf
CAPITAINE Yasmin The Relation Between Law and Politics: A Case Study of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia pdf
CUESTA Damien Bolívar contre Monroe. La politique extérieure d’Hugo Chávez vis à vis des Etats-Unis  
De la ASUNCION Integration of immigrants: A comparison of Moroccan immigrants in Spain with Turkish immigrants in Germany pdf
DE SILVA Edoardo Between conflict and cooperation: the relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation in the field of energy pdf
GIORDANO Julieta Brazil: Ordem e Progresso? Transformations and new paradigms of a country, which is treading loudly in Latin America  
GRAUR Daniel Moldova's future in the European Union, from a United States of America perspective  
GRICIUC Regina Tax Havens, Sovereignty and Legal Fiction in the Era of Globalization  
GUEPET TCHAWA Production agricole et famine en Afrique, entre rupture et continuité. Cas du NIGER  
GULIARENKO Jelena Les paradis fiscaux contribuent-ils à l'instabilité financière internationale ?  
GUZDA Stéphanie Trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation. An economic and legislative analysis over the two last decades in Europe and south easthern Europe  
HEITZ Léonie Towards Free Trade and Fair Competition? Impacts of Economic Partnership Agreements and the Doha Development Agenda on EU-ACP Agricultural Trade Relations  
LAZOWSKA Ewelina Does Poland have a real impact on Ukraine?  
LOZAN Vladislav Approche comparative dans les dépenses en Recherche et Développement entre l’UE, les États-Unis et la Chine  
MAIOROVICI Daniela THE ASEAN-WAY: Analysing ASEAN’S Role for Regional Order in Southeast Asia  
PERIAL Suzana-Iulia Compatibilité entre le « Modèle Social Européen » et le modèle social des pays de l’est ? Une étude comparative des systèmes sociaux de la Hongrie et de la France  
PLAZINIC Aleksandra Establishment of gay rights in the process of EU accession: Case of Serbia  
ROMERO GARCIA Emilio (Towards a) Doctrine of International Communication - A communicology case in the European Union  
TROK Hendrik Roelof Die kosovarische Befreiungsarmee - Die Entwicklung von Widerstandsbewegung zu einer respektierten politischen Organisation  
XHAÇKA Hrisa Beyond the fashion of Europeanization - The case of Albania  

Filière Anglophone
ALAVI Hamed Compatibility of Business Norms and Environmental Protection Norms, Case Study of World Trade Organization’s role in Sustainable Development  
ATAS Hayriye Protection of Minority Rights in European Union under the Perspective of Human Rights  
BALAN Carmen Raluca Debating Future: Discussions on the Finality of the European Union  
BOLBOCEANU Dorin Motivation for European Integration: Rescue or Overcome the Nation State? An analysis of the Schuman Plan: critics by A. Mouravchik & A.S. Milward  
CHANEVIC Kristina European Union Policies on Greening Small and Medium Sized Enterprises  
DASHI Kloida American and European International organisations’ efforts on fighting corruption in the South-Eastern Balkans. Success or Failure? A comparison between Romania and Albania  
DJEPOVSKA Tina EU’s Western Balkan Policy – European Integration of the Western Balkan – Perceptions and Predictions  
DONGO SUEIRO Mayte Anais The EU bilateral and inter-regional free trade agreements at a glance: A tendency towards bilateral negotiations  
EKINCI Elifcan Alleviation of Poverty & Practices of Microfinance  
EROFEEVA Victoria The Study of Nordic Countries role as environmental policy leaders in the Baltic Sea Region – Case Study of Estonia following Sweden and Finland as a role model  
GHULAM NABI Rahmat Nabi Women's rights in Afghanistan  
GÜBÜR Sinem Gülay The impact of Israeli Settlement Policy & Hamas’ Terrorism on the failure of the Oslo Peace Process  
HOFF Amanda Democracy and Secularism – An Historical Investigation and Comparison of Disparate Approaches and Respective Successes of Secular and Democratic Republics  
KARAKAS Sebnem International Financial Institutions and sustainable development  
MAPOMBERE Azaliah Sexual Violence against Women in South Africa: the Social Climate Surrounding Rape and the Position of the Internal Protection System pdf
MAQELLARA Gjeneza Comparing EU Integration Process – Macedonia and Croatia  
MUJAGIC  Lejla 15 years after Dayton – Has Democracy regime building failed in BiH?  
MURATAJ  Anduena Albania and the European Union – Is EU conditionality working?  
NASIROV Jalol Anticorruption and the role of Multilateral Development Institutions  
PAI  Shen Jung Gold Market's role in the World Economy  
PILLAY Cassandra The Behavioural Economics of Climate Change: A matter of perception  
RÖSSLER Julian End of Anarchy  - An analysis of the relationship between International Relations and International Criminal Law  
SAGLAM Idil Gülnihal The EU – Turkey Relations in Regional Development and the Interaction of NGOs in the Process  
SAMBALKHUNDEV Batchimeg International Competition Policy and Anti-dumping policy analysed  
SCHMEDDING Tessa Environmental Migration: A Global issue under European Union Leadership? pdf
SINAV Gülçin Democracy promotion policies of the European Union and the United States – The Case of Jordan  
SKUPIN Lucas To what extent did the Arab Spring trigger a transformation of dominant paradigms in French Foreign policy? pdf
ŠUTALO  Ivor Comparison of EU and Russian foreign policy in Eastern Europe – Case Study: Transnistria Conflict pdf
TARKHAN-MOURAVI David European Social Model in the Eastern and Central Europe  
TAS Ahmet Taskin “The Influence of European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme on Turkish Youth Regarding Their Perception and Approach Towards the European Union” pdf
TEKIN Pinar Turkey’s Environment Policy and EU Accession: Long Expected Chapter of Regulations  
USTAMUJIC Emina The European Future of the Western Balkans – steps towards EU integration (emphasize on Bosnia and Herzegovina)