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Mémoires de fin d'études 2021 - 2022


 DHEEI - Politiques européennes et gouvernance - Études trilingues
 Akinloye Youssouf  L’impact de l'aide économique  de l'UE en Côte d'Ivoire : en quoi elle contribue ou non à la stabilité sociopolitique du pays
 Knobloch Mélia  Les relations entre la Turquie et l’Union européenne : Quels scénarios d’avenirs envisageables concernant les relations entre la Turquie et l’Union européenne ?
 Llamas Santos Laura  The member states' role to promote gender equality of immigrants in the European Union: is it more relevant than European policy? The case of Italy and Germany
 Ogunbanjo Olamide  Euroscepticism: A Indicator to the Exit of Member State? (Netherlands, Poland and Denmark)
 Ressler Dominik  The US withdrawal from Afghanistan
 Ugboaja Uchenna David   Crypto currencies in Nigeria /comparative study
 Vargas Hernandez Astrid  The Right to Immigrate
 Vonk Fleur  The agricultural lobby in the European Union
 Zadre Siméon Nathaenel   Terrorism in the EU: An analysis of the European strategy vis-a-vis a rampant danger


 DHEEI - Construction européenne et études globales
 Alfonso Henao Anaïs   Bilateral cooperation in ecotourism: Colombia and France
 Alvarez Katlyn  When the world stood still:  A Time Series Analysis on Cybercrime in the European Union
 Amro Marah  The European Union’s engagement with the People’s Republic of China - An analysis of the European strategy towards the assertive rise of China 
 Blanvillain Eléa  Food industries’ lobbies impact in the EU decision-making process
 Butler Stanley  Growing Euroscepticism? A comparative analysis of stimuli influencing Eurosceptic attitudes among Polish and French citizens from 2011 to 2021
 De Graeve Bente  Reframing Adaptation: Exploring a Transformative Approach to Urban Adaptation Planning
 De Marchant et d’Ansembourg Audrey  The Social and Economic Implications of EU-Turkey Migration Statement
 Genin Max  The Revolving Gun: An analysis of if COVID-19 exacerbated forced labour in global supply chains (GSCs) in Asia
 Gentili Erica  The state of democracy in the EU institutions after the Treaty of Lisbon: is a democratic deficit still there? With a case study on the challenge of Climate Change for EU’s democracy
 Guidolin Arianna  Women in Politics: Descriptive and Substantive Representation in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Horjus Jimmy   EU-NATO relations: Towards an EU Pillar in NATO
 Kastrati Viola Vanessa  Kosovo- EU Relations: What is withholding Kosovo from joining the EU
 Montanaro Vittoria  The effectiveness of EU Cohesion Policy in inner areas: challenges and promises of devolution
 Pietroiu Dora  The breakdown of Communism in Eastern Europe: Poland and Romania
 Pihl Amy  Strengthening Ties Between Armenia and the Diaspora for the Future after the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War
 Pirmez Honorine   Challenges of the CAP to ensure a viable and fair future for the European agricultural sector
 Scandariato Louis
 Van Dijk Robin  Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the European Union’s Livestock Sector
 Vueghs Lowie  The completion of the European Banking Union 


 DHEEI - Études Méditerranéennes
 AYARI Zeineb  L’importance des mots : Médias français et représentation des populations immigrés maghrébines du milieu du XXème siècle à nos jours
 DARD Mathilde  Islam and religious diplomacy in France in the post-war era
 ESCRIVA Jade  Visibilité médiatique du combat politique et social des femmes kurdes dans l’espace de l’Union européenne
 JABRI Ikram  L'éducation au service de la paix en Tunisie
 LATINI Francesco  Relations UE-Sahel : quel espoir pour l'avenir
 LETEXIER-ROUX Camille   Grandir au Sénégal : l’approche holistique de l’éducation préscolaire comme priorité
 RATTOTTI Michele  Decarbonisation in the Mediterranean - Case study: the impact of CBAM on Turkey
 REZGOUN Andrea  De l’émigration des Maliens à leur accueil en Algérie : Un désenchantement sur fond d’influence médiatique
 ROMANAZZI Ylenia  La diplomatie du Saint-Siège au Liban
 RUIZ VEGA Sofia  Making Better Men: Christian Masculinity as a Key Component of French Colonization in West Africa in the 19th Century
 RULLIER Rachel  La violence dans le processus migratoire en Afrique
 RUMONGI Sonia  L’économie du pardon entre le Rwanda et les pays européens
 SWINNEN Lucas  The Syrian Civil War - A Never-Ending Story?


 Diplôme des hautes études sur la transition et la gouvernance énergétique globale
 Adams Benjamin  Canada’s Disparity of Development: The Impacts of Hydro-Reliance on Rural and Remote Communities
 Balik Nadir  Liberalisation of Electricity Transmission Operators
 Baller Martin  Energiewende 2.0: Shaping Germany’s Hydrogen Transition. A Case Study of the Northern German Hydrogen Strategy
 Cosme Quentin  Transition nucléaire – géopolitique des prochaines générations ?
 Doçi Gaetano  Opportunities and Obstacles of Western Balkans to Go Renewable
 Duvaryapar Nazim Çinar    European Oil Majors on the Pathway to Energy Transition
 Hijmans Nina  A Small Country with Great Ambitions: Analysing the Chilean Green Hydrogen Transition
 Kinuthia Gerald  Productive Energy Use (PEU) Evaluation for Mini-Grid Systems in SSA: A Case Study for Kenya
 Mangoua Marie The Conflicts and Cooperation in the Institutionalisation of Supra-Regional Energy Policy: An Evaluation of Ecowas. What Challenges Does the Ecowas Face with Its Integration of Energy Policies?
 Moreno Cepeda Manuel  Triple Bottom Line and the Just Transition for Business: An Interconnected Framework
 Oluwole Alice Emmanuel  Oil Exploration in Nigeria: How Women in Oil Communities Are Left Behind 
 Pecoraro Scanio Federica  Renewable Energy Communities in Italy: An Adequate Enabling Framework?
 Reid Kettle Natasha  How Canada Can Unlock Demand-Side Potential through Residential Demand Response
 Szabó Julia  Energy Poverty and Energy System Transformation in the Western Balkans: Challenges and Opportunities in Serbia. Is Energy Transition a Way to Mitigate Energy Poverty in Serbia?
 Xavier Louise  How Do the Government and the Different Stakeholders in Martinique Shape Its Energy Transition?
 Xu Danni  Energy Resilience After the Pandemic from the Demand and Supply Side in China
Zaccaro Fausto Balancing Competitiveness and Deep Decarbonisation: The Disagreements Surrounding the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  


  Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs
  Albanese Antonina  How Could Governance Mobilise Resources toward Inclusive Development? Governance, Resources and Instability in Contemporary Lebanon
  Axelsen Julie  Governance of the Norwegian Petroleum Industry through Energy Transition 
 Bertrand Guilhem  The Economics of Green Transition through Carbon Pricing and the Country-Specific Nuances: The Case of Belgium
 Crotwell Brady  The Superhuman Evolution of Legal Persons: An Evolutionary Timeline of Deregulation in the United States of America
 Crudu Ilinca  An Analysis of the Shifting Perspectives of the EU: Russia Relations and a Project for the Future 
 Deiro Sofia  Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Human Displacement: An Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects of Droughts in Iran and Jordan
 Folkes Andrew  Governance and Corruption: The Relationship between Governance, Extreme Poverty/Poor Living Conditions/Inequality and Brain Drain. A Cross Country Comparison between Romania and Bulgaria
 Fondén Björn  Reaching Net-Zero through International Carbon Markets: A Qualitative Analysis of the Potential Impact of Article 6 in the Paris Agreement
 Gabrielli Patrizio  Becoming One: The Great Challenge for European Security Intelligence. How Jihadist Terrorism Has Strengthened the Intelligence Integration Process
 Giani Jacopo  Pandemic, Institutional Stability and Socio-Economic Development: Where Does State Failure Come From and What About Early Warning Signals of Socio-Political Crisis? A Cross-Country Comparison
 Gibson Austin  Energy Security of the European Three: What Does It Mean?
 Goli Agata  The Relationship between Religious Institutions and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Europe: The Case of Poland in 2015-2022
 Koocharian Karan  Sanctions, Diplomacy and Regime Change: The Case of Iran
 Kowalski Walter  The United States and Europe: Contemporary Dilemma of Multilateral Military Diplomacy
 Lammin Amy  An Analysis of the United Nations’ Peacekeeping Missions in Cyrpus, Iraq and Iran: A Reflection on UNIIMOG, Best Practice and Progress towards the Success of UNFICYP
 López Carasa Lucía  Enhancing International Cooperation to Fight Gender Inequality: A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Internet Regulations in Tackling Online Violence against Women in the EU and the USA
 MaclachlanTess  What Impact Can Small States Really Have on the United Nations Security Council? A Case Study of Ireland
 Maiocchi Clerici Piercarlo  Can Global Warming Be Stabilised by Geopolitics?
 Marullaz Jeanne  Fostering the Right Conditions to Align Financial Markets with Climate Transition
 Mcenery Matthew  Mapping the Impact of Proof-of-Work on Cryptocurrency Regulation
 Milano-Sumalinog Samantha  Economic Reconstruction of Ukraine After the War
 Moraga Camino Ainhoa  EU Enlargement Negotiations with Turkey
 Orlowska Wiktoria  The Public Opinion’s Influence on the European Union’s Trade Policy
 Petruzzelli Andrea  Sustainable Urbanisation: What Contribution Can Nature-Based Solutions Make to Climate Mitigation within an Urban Context?
 Poythress Haden  Interest-Based Negotiation in Polarised International Relations: The Case of Post-Cold War International World Order
 Regenberg Lennart  Does the EU Follow a Path towards Sustainable Development When Recovering From the Covid-19 Pandemic? Case Studies: Germany and France
 Steenlant Julie  Lessons Learned and Future Preparedness: Analysing the EU’s Policy Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
 Valdebenito Camila Fabiola  The Relationship between Health, Education and Quality of Life in Chile
 Wiebe Julius  The EU’s Circular Economy Interpretation after the European Green Deal: An Analysis Based on EU Policies and Their Discourse Typology
 Wolf Leibovitz Julia Digital Transformation in the Global South: An Analysis of E-Cooperation Strategies of the European Union and Brazil  


   Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy
 Angelini Laura  Green Hydrogen: A Major Player for Road Transport Decarbonisation? The Case of Italy
 Azimonti Mila  Urban Commons as a Model for Urban Collective Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Naples and Marseille
 Bono Chaure Pilar  The EU’s Strategy on Sustainable Finance as a Tool to Address the Triple Planetary Crisis: Climate, Biodiversity and Pollution
 Bourakis Panagiotis  The Backdrop of the European and Greek Political Scene during the Greek Crisis
 Contini Lisa  EU Delegations in the Context of the European Green Deal: Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Indonesia and Malaysia
 Crawford Samuel  New Topography of Energy: Consequences of EU Energy Independence for their Relationship with The Russian Federation
 Ellerbeck Arne  The Resource Curse in the Context of Large-Scale Hydrogen Production in Algeria and Nigeria
 Fennimore Elizabeth  Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals: Artificial Intelligence Utilisation for Renewable Energy
 Gebelli Granell Maria  The EU’s Approach to China within the UNFCCC Negotiations: The Case Study of Loss and Damage
 Graziola Gabriele  The Geopolitical Consequences of the Melting Ice: A Prospect of Destabilisation or Enhanced Cooperation?
 Hazleton Olivia  A Critical Review of the EU-Colombia/Peru/Ecuador Free Trade Agreement’s Impact on Sustainable Development in Colombia
 Kneisel Alexander  Data-Driven Governance and Holistic Frameworks for the Corporate Sector to Achieve the Goals of the UN2030 Agenda, the UNSDGs and the European Green Deal Goals
 Lavallard Jeanne  Climate-Induced Migration in Western Sub-Saharan Africa: Improving the Policymaking of the European Union. The Case Study of Senegal and Nigeria
 Marci Carlotta  The True Cost of Fast Fashion: Will the New EU Textile Strategy and the Proposed Application of Extended Producer Responsibility Effectively Counter this Phenomenon? An Analysis of the Policy Options Chosen for the New EU Textile Strategy
 Martinelli Ludovica Tancredi  Debt Relief as an Instrument for Promoting Green Growth: The Case of Ghana
 Mitchell Christopher  The Increased Propensity for Petroaggression during the Global Ambition to Conduct a Renewable Energy Transition: The Russian Case
 Moinet Gauthier  The European Union and the Arctic: What Strategy for What Influence?
 Muroni Antonio  Critical Raw Materials for the Green Energy Transition: A Comparative Analysis of the US and the EU Strategies
 Petrini Loris  The Hegemony of Green Growth in the European Green Deal
 Petrozziello Elodie  Mobility as a Service: A Critical Overview of the Challenges for Mobility Governance
 Rissi Reichert Bruna  Wall Building in Israel and the European Union: The Fortress of the West Bank Wall and Ceuta and Melilla
 Rivoira Kyle  How Lessons from Previous Technologies Can Help the EU Better Understand How to Deal with Hyperloop
 Rodriguez Baena Eduardo  The Impact of the Transition towards Circular Economy on the European Labour Market
 Schumann Kim  Failing to Deliver? Explaining Climate Underperformance in the EU
 Seri Carolina  A Human Rights-Based Approach to EU Climate Diplomacy: A Look into the Sahel Region
 Suresh Vishal  Understanding ‘Measure’ under UNFCCC and Related Agreements Vis-a-Vis International Trade
 Tewari Masuma  Multilateralism and Climate Change: What Role Do They Play in the North-South Divide?
 Zanandrea Sonia Fostering a More Sustainable Food System: The Role of EU Projects in Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption in Schools. Case Study: Valencia and Treviso


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