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2022 - 2023

Mémoires de fin d'études 2022 - 2023

 DHEEI - Études appliquées des politiques et gouvernance européennes
 Purpose Ajimati  The Impact of the EU-AU Relations in Achieving Gender Parity in Africa
 Maria Elena Ascari  The Role of Female Leaders in European Far-Right Political Movements: Case Study on Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni
 Michael Bamigboye  European Union and African Union Relations: An Analysis of the Sixth EU-AU Summit in Terms of Limitations and Opportunities for Mutual Benefits
 Mazarine Brehm  The European Union Paradoxical Approach on Migration Policy: The Case of Morocco
 Anaëlle Demarche  The Energy Union: The Relevance of Its Pillars Through the Lens of the Energy Trilemma and the Perspective of a New Energy Crisis
 Tudor Ionescu  The Monetary and Fiscal Policies of the Eurozone and Switzerland: A Comparative Analysis of the Euro and the Swiss Franc
 Delara Khodadad Nejad Shouraki  Of Irrational Rationality and Contemporary History: What Andrew Moravcsik's Liberal Intergovernmentalism Explains and What It Leaves Out
 Pauline Konwerski  Integration in Germany: An Analysis of Social and Economic Integration Measures for Migrants and Their Impact on the German Labour Market Since 2015
 Alice Martinetto  Untangling Trilogues: Demystifying the Dynamics of the EU’s Informal Decision-Making Process
 Grace McCarthy  Language Policies and Migrant Integration in the European Union: A Comparative Analysis of France, Germany and Ireland
 Eli Moreau  European Union Sport Diplomacy
 Léa Pautonnier  L’Allemagne dans un cadre européen et transatlantique : une politique de sécurité complexe
 Stéphane Payebien  Normative Power Europe and the Cost of Inaction: How the Lack of Democratic Consolidation and Institutional Supervision from the EU Birthed the Hungarian Democratic Backsliding
 Marta Rodriguez Teimoy  Language as a Factor in EU Policy-Making
 Julius Zunker  The EU Trade and Climate Change Nexus: A Study of European Climate Ambition Inclusion Paths in Free Trade Agreements


 DHEEI - Construction européenne et études globales
 Aysenur Alma  The Brussels Effect in Digital Policy
 Jonathan Anderson  Democracy in Crisis? Evaluating the Diagnosis in the United States and France
 Youssef Attia Aroog  The Impact of Regional and International Youth Policies and Strategies on Youth Empowerment: The Case Study of the EU (2010–2018)
 Gabriela Boloca  Unravelling Impunity for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in UN Peacekeeping: A Case Study of the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Burak Can Burul  Comparative Analysis of Durable Solutions for Syrian and Ukrainian Refugees Under Temporary Protection
 Sébastien Charié  Nuclear Weapons: Guarantee or Threat to International Security
 Edoardo Dalmasso  Modernity and Islam: An Interaction Throughout the Centuries
 Senne De Kort  The Impact of India’s SCO Membership on its Security Cooperation within the SCO, with the US and the EU
 Jacqueline Haitz  Transformative Pathways: Unveiling the Impact of Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy on Sub-Saharan Africa through the Cases of Rwanda and Liberia
 Kamala Hashimova  Commitment to the UN’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda: How Far Has the European Union Led by Example?
 Emilia Iten  Trading Human Rights for Control: Unveiling the EU’s Migration Externalisation Dilemma in Turkey
 Janvi Javali  Analysis of the United Nations Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Processes on MINUSTAH Peacekeeper Training
 Maya Krunic  Protection, Prevention and Partnerships for Victims of Human Trafficking: An Analysis of the Serbian and Bosnian Situation
 Vanina Kuzova  Hybrid Warfare Actions in the Grey Zone: Manageable Challenges or Dangerous Threats for International Security? Case Study of Brazil and Colombia
 Julia Martinez Abad  Gabon: A Country Shaped by the Consequences of Colonisation?
 James Milligan  Power Sharing as a Means of Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Analysis of the Peace Processes in Northern Ireland and Cyprus
 Joseph Momdjian  A Scaled-Down Version of the Deal of the Century Lebanon-Israel Maritime Agreement
 Dan Munteanu  The Republic of Moldova’s Way Towards the EU Integration Process: EU Requirements; Domestic Affairs; Regional Security
 Maximiliaan Paarlberg  AKP’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Assessing its Effects on EU–Turkey Relations and Prospects for Future Cooperation
 Yannick Schimmel  Warming Region, Cooling Relations? The Geopolitical Effects of the ‘Arctic Melt’
 Sarah Seckold  Soft Approach to Countering Terrorism: Case Study of Saudi Arabia’s Prevention, Rehabilitation and Aftercare Strategy
 Shakti Sharma  The Integration of the Workforce into the Labour Market that is Witnessing Rapid Technological Disruptions
 Mathilde Sonnet  A Critical Assessment of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Regarding Gender Equality in Lebanon
 Céline Stucky  The EU, China and Taiwan: An Opportunity for the EU’s Foreign Policy?
 Lisa Tocquard  Bridging Cultures, Shaping Relations: An Exploration of Cultural Diplomacy in Japan–EU Bilateral Dynamics
 Agnieszka Urbanczyk  The Effectiveness of the European Union’s Programmes in Building European Identity: Case Study of the European Solidarity Corps


 DHEEI - Études Méditerranéennes
 Ali Etoubashi  Divided and Conquered: How an Incohesive EU Missed Its Chance to Play a Role in Libya
 Najat Ftouni  Le partenariat UE-Afrique : Analyse des atouts, des défis et de l'asymétrie relationnelle en vue d'une collaboration renouvelée
 Isa Ghazila  Accord UE-Turquie de mars 2016 : Protéger l'Europe au détriment des migrants ?
 Giorgia Maset  China in the Mediterranean: The Cases of Italy and Tunisia
 Rocco Scaggiante  A Federal Proposal for a Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Cassandra Viel  Les défis d'une éducation accessible et qualitative en zone de conflit : Le Mali
 Wally Zogbo  Politique de décentralisation et gestion numérique des territoires en Côte d’Ivoire  


 Diplôme des hautes études sur la transition et la gouvernance énergétique globale
 Atharva Abhange  How Can Digitalisation of the Energy Sector Contribute to the Socio-Economic Development of Developing Countries?
 Trevor Basso-Stephenson  Breaking Path Dependency: The Importance and Fragility of Canada’s Small Modular Reactor Future  
 Olav Bauer-Nilsen  Advancing Energy Cooperation: The Energy Dialogue Between Norway and Serbia
 Ginevra Figini  The Energy Transition in the Hands of the Citizens: A Comparative Study of Energy Communities in Germany and Italy
 Beatriz García-Marina  Islands and Green Hydrogen Valleys in Europe: The Case of Green Hysland, Mallorca
 Pjotr Jacobs  Doubling Down on Hydrogen: Are the Dutch Leading the Way?
 Cecilia Laryea  Why We Need Women as Producers and Decision Makers in the Energy Sector to Foster Energy Justice: A Ghanaian Case
 Kristian Luczy  Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition in the EU with Small Modular Reactors  
 Zuzanna Medza  Implementation of Climate Education Policy in the Country of Coal: An Examination of the CE School Curriculum in Poland and the Initiatives that Led to Its Development
 Ehsan Metghalchi  Biomass in Germany
 Lisa Motta de Albuquerque  Just Transition in Ceara: From Textbook to Reality
 Si Hyun Pak  Unlocking the Diversity in the Texas Energy Landscape: The Power of the Aggregator with C&I in the Ear of the IRA
 Francesco Palma  Icebound Energy: Exploring the Potential of the Arctic Silk Way After the Russo-Ukrainian War
 Christina Prifti  The Role of Greece in the EU’s Attempt to Reduce Dependency from Russian Natural Gas
 Maria  Energy Transition Trajectories for Refineries in Germany
 Rosendo Sancha Moreno  Japan and the Complexities of Achieving a Just Transition
 Mariam Sendali  OPEC’s Journey in the Energy Transition: Uncovering the Driving Forces for Sustainable Change
 Ana Catarina Simões  Eastern Mediterranean Gas Trade: Reliability of a Trilateral Partnership Between the EU, Israel and Egypt
 Fernando Tartaglia  Just Energy Transition in South Africa: A Complex Journey
 Salma Thabti  Success and Failure of Renewable Energy Cooperation Projects Between the EU and the Maghreb Region  


  Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs
 Mostafa Ajamay  Labour market integration of refugees in the EU: Reaching economic potential through standardization process
 Clara Beermann  What are Possible Learnings and Chances for Innovation of AI under the EU AIA wirth Regards to the EU's Environmental Laws and GDPR?
 Kai Bellmann  Communicating Social and Environmental Transformations:An Investigation of How to Overcome People’s Preference for the Status Quo
 Vittoria Carrino  Navigating Emotional Dynamics: Strategies for Conflict Resolution in the Camp David Accords
 Laura Crnic  The Role of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) in Facilitating Private Climate Finance
 Giulia Croci  EU trade policy: Exploring the Potential of an Enhanced EU-India Partnership as a Model for Future EU Trade Agreements
 Livia Dini  China's Expanding Footprint in the Middle East: Reshaping Global Power Dynamics
 Eve Gratedoux  The Cuban Missile Crisis and Russo-Ukrainian conflict from a behavioral perspective
 Daphne Janes  Analysis of Human Rights Indicators and Evaluation of their Effectiveness as Measurement Tools to Assess Maternal Health Conditions
 Katerina Lewis  China's Accelerated Geopolitical Emergence: Assessing Contributing Factors Amidst the Ukraine War
 Giulia Lorin  The Challenges in Achieving SDG 14 (Life Below Water) in Nigeria: The Environmental Impact of Polices Regulating the Oil and Gas Industry
 Laura Mazzoni  The Relationship between Income Inequality and Political Instability: A Panel Data Analysis of Latin America
 Laure-Anne Menke  Learning from last crises: Enhancing EU food systems' resilience
 Elena Mussini  Ethical Dilemmas of Autonomous Driving
 Jule Noack  In Search Of Early-Warning Signals Of Socio-Political And Economic Crises In Developing And Emerging Economies Case Study: South Africa
 Cristiana Partinico  Lessons for a Green Future  Overview of Past Monetary and Fiscal Policies for the Green Transition
 Valentine Pesteil  Governance, corruption, socio-economic inclusiveness. The correlation between bad governance, income inquality and wealth gap, and sustainable development. A cross-country comparison
 Luca Raffa  Factors that have slowed down socio-economic development in resource rich African countries
 Mariana Rivera  Composite Indicator for the Measurement of Quality of Life and Parity: A Mixed Approach in the Mexican Context
 Giorgio Romagnoli  Partnerships for Sustainable Development - How do civil society organizations contribute to the delivery of the SDG? Working for Wasa case study
 Dana Ross  The Changing Incentives of the Skills Gap: Private Enterprise’s Role in Human Capital Formation
 Kanitha Run  EU Double Standards in Refugee Law: A Comparative Analysis of Ukrainian and Syrian Refugees Treatment in Poland
 Miller Schulman  A Hypothesis-Generating Cross-Country Comparative Case Study of the US and UK's Digital Divide Policies from the 1990s to the Present Day
 Alice Scognamiglio  Assessing the Effectiveness of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in Tunisia and Morocco
 Ludovica Vintari  Organ trafficking: case studies and evidence form Nepal and Pakistan
 Sarah White  The Current State of Cybercrime
 Tommaso Zucchella  Events that brought to nowadays corruption in high places of FIFA  


  Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy
 Francesco Bellati  Correlation between EU Cohesion Policy climate allocations, national and regional environmental spending and GHG emissions reduction
 Ella Berger  EU energy regulatory framework: hindrance or catalyst for Demand Response in electricity?
 Federico Bonadonna  A Human-Centric Approach? Investigating Africa-EU Digital Partnerships
 Sofia Cerciello  Singapore and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals - “The role that cities can play in achieving SDGs: the case of Singapore” 
 Eleonora Cicchetti  The effectiveness of Global Gateway meeting the environmental goals of Agenda 2030: digital infrastructure projects in Africa
 Pilar Ciudad Fontecha   AI in Border Control. Opportunity or threat?  An analysis of Artificial Intelligence practices in border control in EU's Member States
 Alexandra Dansa  Safeguarding the Rule of Law: Addressing Challenges and Promoting Accountability in the European Union
 Wouter De Priester  Equal Partnership, CBAM & the Carbon Leakage Trilemma in Africa-EU relations
 Arianna Di Bono  Sustainability of EU food policies: the coexistence of a plant-based diet and organic agriculture
 Cyprien Drescher  The Global Gateway: Extending a European Green Deal to a Global Green Deal in Africa - An assessment of the coherence of the Global Gateway in the context of the European Green Deal objectives
 Eske Eilts  A new era for multilateral climate ambition: Bridging the gap between theory, discourse and the potential impact of the 'G7' climate club
 Clémentine Gallot  EU's Foreign Energy Policy Towards its Southern Neighbours: Enhancing the Effectiveness of its Partnerships. The case of Energy Transition in Algeria and Marocco
 Alessandra Germano  The Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Act. Mining's socio- environmental impact within the framework of "overriding public interest"
 Lucas Grosse  Accelerator or brake? - The expansion of wind energy with citizen participation in Germany
 Mikita Kazhaja  Unveiling Big Tech’s Role in Human Rights Violations: an Insight into the Rohingya Genocide 
 Sjoerd Kok  Co-regulation as the Key to a More Trustworthy Internet?
 Raphaëlle Lhuissier  Leveraging Responsible Mining - From Institutional Reforms to Financial Opportunities of a Market
 Elvira Lozano Marin  The Effects of the Twin Transitions on European Labor Markets: Using the Green and Digital Transitions to Promote Youth Employment
 Marnix Middelburg  A Critical Assessment of the Electricity Market Design Reform in relation to EU Industrial Competitiveness
 Marie Müller  The Nature Restoration Law - The impact and evolution of European Green Cities following the Proposal for the Nature Restoration Law as a key element of the European Green Deal 
 Eva Rubin   What Potential Does Bitcoin Have for Supporting the Transition to Renewable Energy Sources and Reducing Carbon Emissions?
 Ieva Silkane  Artificial Intelligence for social good
 Madeline Stahl  Climate Change and Human Rights:Brazil-EU Relations
 Marthe Vandenbossche  How have the EU regulations and CJEU case law affected the innovativeness of the vegan and vegetarian food industry in terms of product development and market growth?


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