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Mémoires 2007 - 2008 - DHEEI Filière trilingue - DHEEI Filière anglophone

Filière trilingue - Trilingual Branch

ANYA Victry Privatisation of Security: Domestic and International Private Security in Africa  
ATESOGULLARI Nilay Towards a Common European Immigration Policy – Special Focus on ‘the Blue Card Poject"  
BALTAG Alexandru La République de Moldavie et l’Ukraine comme enjeu entre l’Union européenne et la Russie
BEGANU Elena Sorina Entre renouveau et continuité, l’Union pour la Méditerranée  
BERLINER Johannes Climate Change - A Leadership Role For the EU? From Building an International Regime to Domestic Policy Implementation  
BERTHOLD Sophie Partner im Wettbewerb? Der Einfluss Afrikas auf die europäisch-chinesischen Beziehungen  
BRUNNER Anja Exporting Democracy - Strategies and Approaches of the United States and the European Union in Transformation Countries - The Case of Ukraine
CHERIFI Christine Les Relations entre l’Union Européenne et l’Autorité Palestinienne après l’arrivée au pouvoir du Hamas  
COKREVA Ana Trafficking in Human Beings in Europe - Counter Measures and Their Limits
DICHAMP Géraldine La France et la Politique Européenne de Sécurité et de Défense : Les difficultés d’un leadership
DOPP Jascha Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Kooperation in der Europäischen Verteidigungsindustrie  
DOSSIN Jehan Analyse de l’Evolution des Enjeux de l’Arctique
ESSAHELI Hanine La libération du "marché européen du gaz" et la mise en place du troisième paquet législatif
FILCHEVA Marina The development of EU-policy in the WTO in the 21st century - EU as a Fortress or Pusher in the Doha Development Round?  
GUSEV Alexander Energy Relations between the European Union and Russia : content, problems, prospects
HINZ Mona Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa- ein Regime im Wandel? Herausforderung und Grenzen der Sicherheitsinstitution  
KALMYKOVA Dariya Democratic transformation of Ukraine after Orange revolution until now  
LITRA Leonid The EU - Russia Relations and the Question of Democracy
LUCAN Georgiana Computer-based attacks on governments – The cyber dimension of conflicts  
MACHEK Nina Austria’s Neutrality and the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union  
MILFORD Brandon Affirmative Action: A Solution for France to Fight Discrimination and Encourage Integration?
PETROVAS Sotirios Parliamentary Democracy in the Lisbon Treaty  
PILCH Katarzyna The Impact of the EU on political transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. From enlargement to ENP. With a Case Study on Ukraine
RINAS Juliane Mediating the Kosovo Conflict - The role of the European Union  
ROBU Anca Mihaela Massenmedien und Demokratie in Den Osteuropäischen Ländern – Sind Die Ausländischen Investitionen ein Motor der Demokratiseirung ?
SCHOLZ Saskia Europapolitik und -fähigkeit französischer Regionen  
VAIDA Iulia News Media and Religious Terrorism a Vicious Circle?  
WETZEL Crissta Tango Yankee!? Establishing, Reassessing, and Repositioning of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe  
ZYUZEV Roman Gas market liberalization as a key driver of change of the European gas market and its influence on the strategies of the main players

Filière anglophone - Anglophone Branch
AHAT Filiz Cross-Border Cooperation between Turkey and its EU neighbours: Institutional and cultural-historical factors  
AKSUNGUR Hacer An assessment of support to women’s entrepreneurship in Turkey: Swimming against Ties  
ALEXANDRU Doina Investments in Romania after EU membership  
AMABEBE Eremipagamo Environmentalism, Elitism, Economics: Climate Change Discourse in the United States, 1992-2008  
BALDIN Silvia The Political Transformation Process in Turkey  
BALTA Bahar Zühal Towards a Federal Europe? From the Treaty of Paris to the Treaty of Lisbon  
BATMAZ Aysun Nur Can Cyprus be an obstacle on Turkey’s road to European Union Membership?  
GÖNENÇER-TUNALI Elif Development of Corporate Governance in the European Union and in Turkey as a Candidate Country. An Assessment of Theoretical, Legal and Practical Aspects
IONOVA Natalya Is European Union – Russia partnership strategic?  
KOSZALKA Christopher After the Fall: A study of the Foreign Relations, Treaties, and Culture and Divides & Unites a Common Slavic People  
KUMDERELI Meriç Towards an EU Policy on Asylum and Immigration  
MALINDOG Anna Rosario Dejarlo Is Regionalization/Regional Integration a Viable Alternative Strategy towards International Peace and Security; Cooperation and Stability?  A case study on European Union as a Promoter of Regional and Extra-Regional Peace and Security  
MAROLOV Dejan EU Relations with Macedonia in the context of EU - West Balkan Policy  
MCCOOL Brian The Impact of Imported Culinary Stimuli in Europe and EU Responses  
MIELLO Michael India’s Emering Market and learning from the Tata Nano  
ONYIUKE-ELUMA Augusta South-South Cooperation, Is the Sino-Africa Partnership Positive for the Continent’s Development or a Global Cause for Concern?  
PATMALNIECE Dace European Energy Policy – a Workable Single Market and Security of Supply?  
POPA Andra Diana Humanitarianism and human Rights in the Context of Refugees and Internally Displaced People. A case study on Burma  
ROHRMOSER Florian Migration at the southern borders of the European Union: “The EU`s migration policy towards the Mediterranean and the case of Spain“
ROMANOWSKA Marzena Religious Offence as a Political Tool. The Role of Religion in the Limitation of Freedom of Expression
SAGNAK Erkan ESDP in Question, Crises in Kosovo and Iraq as case studies  
SAKA Teuta Corruption in the Transitional South-Eastern. Countries: The case of Albania  
SAVIC Bojan Allies playing games – Prospects for a Meta-Model of Intra-Alliance relations case study: Transpacific partnership stumbling over Pyongyang’s bomb
TEKIN Gonca The problems of Minorities in Turkey in Relation with the Human Rights  
TULGAR Fethi Gurur Advantages and Disadvantages of EU Membership for Turkey