Cours d'hiver à Berlin

Overview of the Winter School

Last week, the students of the Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance and FSPAC students from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania participated in a winter school discussing the issue of “just transition in Germany”. 
After long debates, they developed their own definition of “just transition” raising even more questions. Then, they had the opportunity to test their own approach with experts. 

On the topic “just transition” towards vulnerable households, they discovered the Stromspar-Check Aktiv programme implemented by the Berliner Energieagentur to help low income households save energy. Then, in Feldheim they learnt how a village community got involved together in the energy transition by creating a self-sufficient energy village.

They also tackled the topic of “just transition” in the framework of the coal phasing-out planned by 2038. This issue is at the core of the restructuring of the LEAG company in Brandenburg that exploits the Lusatia open pit mine: among others, 8,000 workers are going to be impacted by the structural changes. A visit of the Welzow-Süd open pit mine helped us understand the scope of this issue in the region. The mayor of Welzow and her team try to elaborate alternative business development plans in order to attract new companies and create new and decent jobs in the region. The creation of a catastrophy protection centre presented by the coal commission member representing the voice of Proschim community and approved by the same commission is also part of this plan.

Two of the conclusions of the week were that the energy transition can only be successful if we “put people first” and if the “transition is balanced”.