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Research for the thesis

The individual research work is a highly important element of the Master's programme.
Students should devote the time which is free of classes to their research.
At the beginning of the year the students receive a list with subjects proposed by the faculty and will be asked to choose a topic from this list. The students can also propose a subject of their own choice to the teachers, who then decide whether they can advise the student on the topic or not. As soon as the subject is defined, every student gets assigned to an advisor, who accompanies the work throughout the year and regularly, i.e. at least once a month, invites the student to meetings.

  • Here you can consult the list of all Master theses that have been  written at the Institute, classified by academic year.
  • The research works of the students of the European Institute have been filed at the library of the IE·EI since 1977.
  • Till 2002 they have been filed in paper format.
  • From 2003 onwards you can consult them either in paper or in electronic format. 
  • Since the academic year of 2000-2001, the best noted Master theses of each Class can be downloaded as a pdf file, as long as the author has given his or her permission.