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2011 - 2012

Thèses 2011 - 2012

Trilingual Branch / Filière Trilingue
ALEXANDRU Andra-Gabriela Le Droit européen est-il suffisant pour défendre les droits des minorités ?  
BADENCHUK Olena Euro-Krise: Deutschlands Management, Europas Neugestaltung.  
BARSKE Jenna Der internationale Strafgerichtshof und die Debatte in den USA.  
BIBER Anna Entwicklung der Organisierten Kriminalität in Italien und Russland - ein Vergleich.  
DOMINGOS Simonella Les politiques d’adoption internationale dans l’espace européen : complexité et débat.
HAUSCHILD Ingrid The Global Oil Market and the Future of Unconventional: Oil Supply.  
HORVAT Amorella Global climate change negotiations: Voice of the European Union.  
KAYUMOVA Marina The European Union and Central Asia: An Energy Partnership with a Future?  
LYUBIMOVA Tatiana The United Nations peacekeeping - evolution and development within.  
MASCARELL VILAR Carlos Understanding the €uro Crisis: From the OCA theory to internal devaluations and austerity.  
MORARU Paula Europeanization after accession - Romania study case.  
OSORIO TORRES Doris Alejandra Refugees in the Mediterranean: EU's migration policy and human rights case study France.  
PASCARU Ana Political dimensions of democratization process in the times of globalization (a case study on the Republic of Moldova).  
SAHINDAL Ares Abbas La politique étrangère de l’AKP influence-t-elle les relations de voisinage de la Turquie ?  
SARIYSKA Iva L’évolution de la politique agricole commune (PAC) : Quel impact pour la Bulgarie ?  
SHAFOROST Oksana Capacité d’intégration de l’Ukraine au sein de l’Union européenne.  
STANKOVA Andreana The effectiveness of the European Commission’s communication during the EU sovereign debt crisis. pdf


Anglophone branch / Filière Anglophone2
ALHENDAWI Ahmad The Role of Civil Society in the Arab Spring: A Comparison between the Role of Social Movements and NGOs in the Egyptian Uprising  
AVCI Yusuf Territorial Development of Local Economies: A Comparative Analysis of Glasgow and Trabzon Regions  
BAIBAKPAEVA Aiganym European Union-Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan cooperation: A Comparative Analysis  
BENHADDOU Sophia Defining, perceiving, framing - Towards a comprehensive approach to global climate politics  
ÇINTESUN Recep The impact of the media on domestic preferences formation process: the case of Turkey in EU negociations  
COSIO Grecia To what extent does the U.S., the EU and Iran comply with NPT guidelines. Looking at vertical non-proliferation  
CRUZ AROCA Paulina The Evolution of Chile’s Environmental Performance after becoming OECD member: the required transformations on the Energy Sector as the first step towards Green Growth  
GOTTSCHALK Nicole The Eurocrisis – a European crisis? Analysis of the Media Discourse on the Eurocrisis in Newsmagazines in France, Germany and Great Britain Thesis Master
HARIEDY Inez Sino-Sub-Saharan African Relations: Beyond Neocolonialism towards Postcolonial Interdependency  
IFTIKHAR Madiha The Possibilities to Channel Microfinance Funds into Agriculture Based Growth Programs in Pakistan to Alleviate Multiple Inter-Linked Problems of Food Crisis, Rural Poverty and Breaking of the Vicious Poverty Cycle.  
JUDE Sorana-Cristina Saving Strangers in Libya: Traditional and Alternative Discourses on Humanitarian Intervention Thesis Master
KAYHAN Gozde Implications of  Turkey’s prospective membership for the European Union’s Foreign  Policy  
KAYKILMAZ Sibel To what extent do the procedural rights under Turkish Asylum Law meet the international and European standards?  
KHALILOVA Leyla The European Energy Security and the Caspian Basin  
KHANOVA Aygul Costs and benefits of renewable and nuclear energy for sustainable development in oil and gas rich states: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran  
KOGER Julia Reform of the UN and the UN Security Council: historical background and the present-day situation  
KULJANIN Dragan Democratisation and Democracy Assistance - Opportunities for Change  
LUTA-DUMITRASCU Daniel Russia between Perception and Misperception. NATO Threat and the Suspension of the European Conventional Armed Forces Treaty  
MA Junjie Trade Disputes between China and the EU - An Overview and Its Implications Thesis Master
MALJKOVIC Marta AIMING AT COHESION THROUGH THE TEN-T. Questioning Territorial Cohesion through the Trans-European Network for Transport and its implications for Croatia  
NAMAZOVA Nilyufer Pension Reforms in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain (“GIPSI/PIIGS”): Before- and In-Crises Case Studies  
PABST Swantje Go East! Past Performance and Future Perspectives of the European Union’s External Human Rights Policy  
PEREZ URIZARBARRENA Xabier Eastern wind blowing South: The effects of China’s involvement in the African economies and the role of the different political systems Thesis Master
POCHON Marie The Jordan Basin in the water wars theories. From the Hydraulic Imperative to new environmental threats : Why is there no war over water in the Middle East ?  
RUGGERI Damien Refugees in the Mediterrranean: EU's migration policy and Human Rights  
RUGGIERI Elisa The plight of child soldiers in the African Continent: a case study  
SALIASI Redi The Euro-crisis and the dynamics of Party-Euroscepticism in England  
SALINSCHI Eugeniu Persistence of homophobia as a test of strengths and weaknesses of civil society  
SANCHEZ SLIK Gonzalo The Chinese-German Relation: Chinese Economic Influence on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Policies