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The Institut européen·European Institute (IE·EI) is a department of CIFE, which is registered at the Academy of Nice as a private institution of higher education.

It is committed to:

  Academic excellence: Its faculty consists of renowned academics providing students with expert knowledge

  Professionalisation: Our aim is to transmit not only academic knowledge but also those Professional skills and competences required in European and international organizations

  Interdisciplinarity: all problems are dealt with from the perspective of different academic disciplines in order to gain an all-embracing understanding of today's world

  Internationality: each year students come from all over the world, representing on average 15-20 nationalities

  Tolerance: in an international community, we owe each other respect and the recognition of our differences

  Learning and living Europe: students not only learn about European integration, but experience the continent from different perspectives by living in Berlin, Canterbury, Nice, Rome, Istanbul or Tunis.