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 1964 - première promotion de l'Institut Européen


IE·EI can look back on a long history.
The first class of its graduate programme came to Nice in 1964.
At that time, it was the Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales which accommodated them.
It was successively directed by Alexandre Marc, Guy Michaud, Claud Nigoul and Matthias Waechter.
Since then, the programme has never ceased to develop and diversify. The 1990s, after the fall of the iron curtain, saw the introduction of a term spent in Berlin, and German became a teaching language.
In 2005, when the EU opened accession negotiations with Turkey, a second branch of the programme started, taking the students from Istanbul to Nice and Berlin.
Some 2000 students from more than 100 countries have graduated from the two branches of IE·EI 's programme.
They now work for European institutions, international organizations, NGOs, universities, public administrations and enterprises.

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IE·EI is now locaded on 
81, rue de France - 06000 Nice

Article about the graduation 1968

Graduation of the first Master class in 1965

The "Palais de Marbre", the institute's first domicile in Nice

The "Dana" where the IE-EI was located until 2015