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IEP Berlin
Since its founding in 1959, the Institute for European Politics (IEP) has been a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of European integration. It is one of the leading foreign and European policy research centres in the FRG and serves as a forum for exchange between academia, politics, administration and political education. The IEP’s mission is to apply scholarly research to issues of European politics and integration, propose ways forward and promote the practical implementation of its research findings. The IEP is a founding member of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) and has been a member of the German European Movement since 1962.

Istituto Affari Internazionali
The Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) is one of the leading think tanks in Europe.
Its main objective is to promote an understanding of the problems of international politics through studies, research, meetings and publications, with the aim of increasing the opportunities of all countries to move in the direction of supranational organisation, democratic freedom and social justice (IAI Bylaws, Article 1).


Istanbul Bilgi University
Since its foundation in 1996, Istanbul Bilgi University has a long-standing and firm commitment to establish, develop and support academic study programs and research on the European Union.

University of Kent
Our partner in Canterbury welcomes 20,000 students from all over the world each year, harbouring an international and dynamic environment. The University of Kent ranks in the top 20 universities of the UK for the study of Politics in 2016. It defines itself as “UK’s European University”.


 Université Internationale de Tunis
The Université internationale de Tunis (UIT) is a private university of higher education, based in Tunis, Tunisia. Founded in 2002 by Héla Ennaifer, the university belongs to the leading private universities in the Maghreb – a melting pot of international students.

Universität Rostock
The University of Rostock, founded in 1419, in the oldest in the Baltic Sea region. Plenty of new, modern buildings, as the completely new campus for natural sciences in the district Suedstadt, represent the innovative strength and modernity of our university. Today, with about 14.000 students, the University of Rostock offers fascinating perspectives into nearly all scientific fields.


The School of Government of LUISS Guido Carli
The School of Government is part of Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (LUISS) Guido Carli, a multidisciplinary University offering degrees at all academic levels. The focus is on business studies, economics, politics and law. The campus is located in the center of Rome and presents a modern study environment for 7000 students. The new premises, located inside a large semi-park area on Viale Romania, are a modern university complex equipped with the latest in advanced technology. The architecture features open, dynamic, transparent spaces that fully express the sense of community and the intensity of life at the University.