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Tuition for the MASTER IN GLOBAL ENERGY TRANSITION AND GOVERNANCE is: 8 900 €.  This sum covers the following:

1. Accommodation

The accommodation expenses in Berlin are entirely covered. Students can use university restaurants, but they have to pay for lunch and dinner expenses. Attention, tuition does not include the student’s accommodations and other living expenses in Nice.

2. Travel expenses

The Institute covers the costs for the group trip to Berlin as well as for the different field trips during the programme. Only the return trip from the town students reside in to the institute will have to be covered by the students themselves.

3. Administrative Expenses

 - Cost of preparation, registration and processing of the application
 - Administration of the student’s file following acceptance, for the duration of the academic year.

4. Documentation

 - Free access to various libraries
 - Supply of reading material for seminars
 - Free use, (limited), of the Institute’s photocopying machine for research purposes
 - Free use of computers for internet research and word processing.

5. Other services

 - Admission to international colloquia organised by CIFE
 - Conferences organised specifically for students of the IE•EI.


Students have to provide for themselves as far as general living expenses are concerned.
IE•EI students have – on their own expenses – the right to:
- The French Social Security scheme for students. It covers medical treatment and surgery for students under the age of 28, for the entire academic year, beginning on 1st October.
- Access to university restaurants in  Nice and Berlin.


Accommodation in Nice has to be paid for by the students.
The secretariat of IE•EI cannot assist students in finding accommodation. It can, however, provide a list of addresses for students looking for accommodation.
Note: An approximate monthly budget for food and accommodation in Nice varies between 600 and 1000 €.